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Fossils can be picked up as you sit on this beach.

Welcome to our website.

We are pleased to that from Saturday 12th September 2020 we started having a video meeting using Zoom at 2pm – 4pm and intend this to happen as regularly as possible on the second Saturday of each month.

Anyone on or very near to the Jurassic Coast who likes writing whether fiction, non-fiction or poetry is invited to apply to join a Zoom writing group which is a reincarnation of the Jurassic Coast Writers who used to meet in Charmouth. I will restrict the numbers at first to 12, so we can all have a chance to contribute.

The next meeting will be at 2pm – 4pm or as long as we need on Saturday 12th December. You will need to send an email to Rosemary at the group’s email:   jurassiccoastwriters@gmail.com   with your address, postcode and phone number, preferably a mobile for text messaging.

One short piece of your work about 500 words long or no more than 40 lines of poetry, will suffice to get us started and we can discuss the times of our meetings and the format and necessary rules.

At first, I intend following the old group’s usual format – see below – but we can alter that as we go along if it seems sensible to do so. We shall have to decide what to do about the trophy – that will not be so easy to award digitally but I shall work on that problem!

For any queries, email Rosemary at


N. B. Our website manager apologises for the incorrect formatting of the work on here but she needs to learn HTML in order to get it right! It is automatically formatted by the site at the moment.

Our usual meeting format has been:

We took it in turns to read our work, making a few constructive comments of compliment or helpful suggestions. We had a refreshment break to discuss the writing constructively. This is writing mostly for fun and we try not to be too serious about it, yet encourage each other to improve. A few of us have published work or are hoping to and some have won competitions but these meetings are for pleasure and encouragement, not serious critical reviewing. Member, Don made us the Triceratops Trophy, which was awarded by our founder, Sallyann Sheridan to a piece of writing that was written for presentation at the meeting by one of the members. Even if a member was unable to attend the meeting, they could have their work sent to Sallyann for assessment. This was an extra incentive for us all to try a little harder and is part of the fun. It was passed to the winner at the next meeting and could sit proudly on a different mantlepiece each month. 

As this will rather difficult to do now, I am looking at producing a video version for our Zoom meetings.

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In the mind, as in the body, there is the necessity of getting rid of waste, and a man of literary habits writes for the fire as well as for the press.

Jerome Cardan 1501-76
From an epigraph by William Osler 1904

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