2018 Meeting Reports

All reports this year are by Rosemary. It has been a difficult year for the group and we are considering the future, having lost several members in recent years.

January  and February – no meetings


March at Joy’s 

4 members met but only 2 poems and a story were submitted to Sallyann this month. Alan is on his travels and illness has taken its toll on Joy. Never the less, we few enjoyed meeting together and discussing the work.


April  – cancelled because of illness

May – meeting at Joy’s 

4 of us met and 2 pieces of writing were submitted to Sallyann. Rosemary was judged this month’s winner, though Sallyann found the choice difficult. Though few in number we enjoyed getting together.

June – meeting at Joy’s 

4 of us met again and 2 pieces were submitted to Sallyann. This month Karen won the trophy. We enjoyed talking about the pieces and writing in general.
We agreed that we must discuss the future of the group at the next meeting.

July – meeting at Joy’s

Four of us met again and two stories with very similar ideas were read out by Karen and Rosemary. Jo read a piece from Jane Austen, one of her favourite authors. We realised that our fifth member will soon be moving away and it was decided to suspend the meetings over the summer, at least. It is increasingly difficult to be certain that enough will be able to attend. Rosemary will investigate the possibility of moving the location of the group and restarting it.