Meeting on Saturday Oct. 3rd. 2015

Our meeting will be, as usual, at the Charmouth Library at 2pm – 4pm.

Homework for next month suggested by Don:
The Longest Journey.
This can be either physical, figurative, fiction or real.

The homework is not obligatory but can be a helpful spur to anyone who is stuck for an idea.

Hope that doesn’t sound too formal, which we aren’t! Prose, poetry, story or non-fiction: the possibilities are endless for writers. You just have to write so that others will want to listen. If you don’t want to read your work yourself, someone else will happily do so for you.

Newcomers are very welcome. If the front door of the library is not open, please use the side door. We meet in the cafe at the back.

Use the contact form to get in touch with us if you would like more information.

An Informal Group

We can look happier than this!We enjoy reading our work to each other and are willing to accept constructive criticism such as “I think that it could be improved if you……” NOT “That’s rubbish” or  similar unkind remarks. You don’t have to read out the suggested homework but it is useful to have some ideas for those who find themselves with ‘writer’s block.

We generally are much happier than we look in this photo and a more recent one will be on the site ASAP! Not all of us are on this picture and the numbers do vary, depending on what we busy people are doing! We each pay £1.50 a time in order to cover the library cost. There is no subscription, or AGM or committee! Just turn up and join in.