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Scary Story. – (for October meeting)

There are many scary stories in the Old Testament.  One that  comes to mind is when Ezekiel had a vision of a strange vehicle with “eyes all around” which spoke to him. Today, it would be similar to seeing a science fiction film.   Though in the cinema we are aware it is only a film however scary.

Some people are convinced they have seen a ghost. To them it is very real.

Mabel and Arthur had been happily married for a few months in their cosy little cottage.

One night, as Mabel was half asleep she heard her husband scream out the most blood curdling scream. She immediately switched on the light looked at her husband thinking he had been having a nightmare or something. His face was as white as a sheet and he was trembling. Mabel said it’s alright darling, you have had a nightmare. She said, “I will make us a cup of tea” and went down the stairs after trying to calm him down. His face gradually regaining some colour.

As they were drinking their tea, Mabel was saying a quiet prayer to herself as she had been shaken by the event.   She said “You had a bad dream. Do you want to tell me about it?”

Arthur said “It was not a dream. I can’t tell you it was so terrible.”

After settling down with Mabel trying to comfort her husband, they quietly fell silent, trying to drop off to sleep.

Then Arthur said,  “I was not asleep I was practising my yoga technique. Then they were coming for me.”

Mabel said, “Who was coming for you?”

“They looked like gargoyles. In technicolour, red,blue green,yellow, I tried to stop them coming to me then heard my screaming. The Gargoyles were in triple groups surrounding me.”

Mabel thought it was a bad dream saying, “Never mind, darling,” gently giving him a cuddle. Arthur insisted it was not a dream, saying he was fully awake but was feeling better now and they eventually fell asleep.

Some years later,  Mabel was reading a book called The Third Eye.  It was written by a Tibetan writer about the Dalai Lama. How the young boy was chosen at an early age to be the new Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader in Tibet.

In one chapter, it was explained that for anyone practicing deep Yoga, it could be dangerous without a guide. The reason being, that if the pupil did not have a qualified guide, it could be dangerous because clearing the mind of all thought left it open to “mischievous entities “

Mabel was not sure about showing what she had just read, not wanting to remind her husband.

After some time she said, “I have just read a strange, silly book.” She left it on the table.

Arthur looked through the book and they both agreed it was “illuminating”.The front of the book had a triangle and inside this was an eye. Arthur seemed quite unconcerned to the relief of Mabel, who said, “The tea is tepid. I will make us another.”

©Joy Endean 2017


A True Tale. 

The young lady was walking towards the Milestone Hotel in Kensington High Street.  Walking slowly, with a look of dread on her face.  Whatever was she going to say?

She was not accustomed to staying in such hotels.   The week had flown by with her training course with a national prestigious company, and now she was to have the weekend off to return home. It was only the second time she had been to London.  The first time, she had stayed in a hostel which was adapted from the previous air raid shelters during the war.  This was with her  Methodist friends and colleagues whilst attending a conference at the Albert Hall.

This job was very important to her and she was surprised and delighted when chosen from the many applicants.   Now her credibility was at stake.   The money she had brought had almost gone.  She was not accustomed to having an expense account.

In fact, she had no bank account or cheque book at that time only an insurance policy, which she took out when starting her first job after leaving school at 15. This was as a junior clerk at a local mill.   Although her wage and expenses would be waiting for her when she got home the next day she knew it was unlikely she could pay her hotel bill!

As she got nearer to the hotel there was a large shop front doorway and she was standing in the alcove just delaying the inevitable moment of shame and embarrassment.  She was now thinking how silly she had been spending her money on the new outfit she bought for the interview.

As she was standing there, a lady passed by who, moments later, said, “Are you alright?” For some strange reason she felt she could tell this lady about her dilemma.  After she had explained about not wanting to appear  inefficient and damage her chances with this wonderful new job, the lady said,”Don’t worry, I will help you to sort it out.” For some strange reason, the woman seemed to understand.  She said, “I will go to the hotel with you and, if necessary,  pay your bill. You can send it back to me when you get home!”

Joy Endean ©️2017