Joy’s Writing

Untitled Poem

Floating on a sea of blue

Looking back at crowded beach

Landmark brolly? Yes It’s there

Salty foam on face and feet

Gazing at fluffy shapes above

Which disintegrate.

All is good, peaceful, could fall asleep.

Is that boat heading for me?

Quick flip over to breast stroke till

Danger is over to calm and still.

Now gently up and down once more.


Joy Endean©️2018


The Accident

A late winter break was booked by my friend Vera. Vera and I often had short breaks bargain together. On this occasion a trip to Tenerife. We arrived at the hotel which was well situated near a beach also near a shopping area with interesting shops and restaurants all very interesting to ladies.

We walked for over an hour absorbed by all we surveyed. We made the mistake of not having the details of our hotel with us! Not sure of the way back, we had no mobile phones at that time.

Looking round I said, “Look over there; that is our hotel Vera.”

It was standing out with the large neon sign on the top. Unconcerned we headed back towards the neon sign of the hotel. After about an hour, getting nearer the sign, lower, I began to feel unsure this was where we needed to be.

Not recognising the area I said, “Vera, this is not right.”

The hotel was the hotel was the correct name, but not our hotel. We went in to the reception saying, “This is not the hotel we booked into earlier today!”

“Oh yes,” they said. “We have a sister hotel.”

Giving the address and directions off we went feeling very foolish.

By now, rather tired, we said we would go to the pool, rest and recover. I could not wait to get in the pool before going in to dinner.

As usual there was a shower to wash off the dust and perspiration before swimming. Too eager to get on with it, I slipped in the dip under the shower. Terrific pain ensued. I was there on the floor in agony.

I was taken to the local hospital.

After having an X-ray and with my leg in plaster with a break in my ankle and lower leg, I said to Vera, “I had better return home so as not to spoil your holiday with me being stuck here in a wheel chair for the rest of the week.”

She said, “I would rather you stay, if you would not mind, rather than me here on my own.”

I said, “Are you sure?”

“Oh, yes,” she said. “I will wheel you around.”

Vera and I managed to have a lovely boat trip, get to the beach, visit the animal park and see different areas of the Island.

It was frustrating not being active but we managed to enjoy the week. Lovely food and plenty of sunshine then returning home with special assistance for the flight, and being hoisted up in a special lift on to the plane.

I would not recommend having any kind of accident but it was not a complete disaster. Everyone was kind and signed my plaster cast before returning home.

Vera and I have had many holidays since. The last time we went Tenerife, Vera slipped in the bathroom shower. She hurt her back but after having an X-ray, thankfully nothing broken, we acquired a wheel chair for me to help Vera to get about with her painful back.

We decided to give Tenerife a miss for future holidays.

Many years earlier a friend of mine a friend of mine had a stroke whilst on holiday in Tenerife.

It is a lovely island but I am not tempted to return!

Joy Endean © 2016