The next meeting is on June 9th at Joy’s at Bridport. 2.30pm not because of buses. Email or phone Rosemary for confirmation on 07866726599 if you would like to join us. Newcomers are very welcome.

Please bring any  piece of your writing you might like to read from. However, if you fancy having a go at our themed homework, Fiction or Poetry,  this time it is:


Two people are working on something together – decorating a room, preparing a meal, putting together a plan or proposal.

Who are they and what are they doing?

One says something that upsets the other. What do they say and how do they respond?

Write scene using as much dialogue as possible. Embed the dialogue in action.

Example: ‘What do you mean?’ Ellen said, putting down her pen.
Martha went on ticking things off her lists. ‘Oh, I think you know.’


Write a poem about a conversation. It may be one you’ve made up, overheard or taken part in. Imagine the action of the scene as well as the words spoken.


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