Tribute to Shirley

Author,  Sallyann Sheridan writes….
When I returned to Charmouth to live I started a writing group as I was surprised one didn’t exist at that time. I asked my great friend, Shirley Stanford if she’d help me out with getting the room ready and making teas and coffees, as physically I had a few challenges. She kindly agreed, and that’s how one evening at The Woodmead Halls, Lower Sea Lane, The Jurassic Coast Writers was born.
The youngest to attend was Elliot,  a bright young boy of around 12, the eldest, Barry, a more mature gentleman in his 70s, so we had a wide mix. Apart from writing personal poetry, Shirley was insistent and repeatedly told me she had no desire to write.
The group went through a range of venues and eventually in early 2011 I moved to North Dorset and because of the success of the group and enjoyment of its members,  Shirley agreed to continue overseeing its monthly meeting. This was a totally selfless act on her part as Shirley really had no wish to lead such a group but did so for the enjoyment and pleasure of those members for whom it had become a valuable monthly meet.
There is no doubt that The Jurassic Coast Writers would not exist today without her involvement and I’m delighted to report that she herself eventually succumbed to being a writer with three books to her name. What higher accolade could the group have. I will miss you Shirley, as will the group,  but once a month in a beautiful part of South West England, we’ll have cause to thank you as the Jurassic Coast Writers once again meet and share their ramblings.  I’ve a funny feeling you might even be looking on…